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Conceptions of a Tough Perception

Everyday I come into work, I’ve got these thoughts that leave me half dead

Taking my power, feeling ashamed I can’t stand up for myself

Toxic energy, spreading like fire leaving me with no desire

To be who I am, which glints through my fake image like a hologram.

I can’t be true to myself, so I’m just a mass of passive

A life of a lie that constantly multiplies

The conception of this tough perception

Which I show those around me, that nothing can break me down.

But the anger that manifests as a result of the inexpressed

Leaves me feeling like a fuse about to blow and let loose

The harm and damage that cannot be undone

Ought to be slowly released with appropriate pressure

That would conscientiously leave me feeling a lot refresher.

The troubles I need to address become the issues

Not dealing with things the way I oughta

Sure the world is mental, leaving our health rather detrimental

But I’m responsible for the way I react instead of proact

Which would save me a lot of trouble, instead of delving through the rubble.

I should be a genius with all this theory but the action exposed is quite bleary

It’s easier once said but the physical process that should follow is pretty dead

Like those who go see Tony Robbins live, inspiration running overdrive

Until they return to their normal existence, all that is learnt becomes resistant and distant.

So the lessons once learnt become rather burnt

Scorch marks left on our mind that we only find when we stop being so blind

We know what we should do instead of focusing on feeling so blue

But once we leave ourselves stuck and down, the negative is easier than the positive

And yet throughout the range of change, we often stay the same

Which serves as a constant reminder, the lame game of life

Can only change once we make the decision to collect the better like a debtor.

(written in 6 minutes 40 seconds... just because)

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