Feeding the Attraction (The Law of Attraction)

The butterflies flutter in unsteady patterns, pulsating rhythms of vibrations, sending shivers down my spine. The atmosphere closes in, slight beats of drums I can feel. The world that I see has a different aspect to it, unknown to billions of people on this planet who walk the corridors of life with their eyes firmly closed, darkness filling their surroundings.

If only they knew how to open them, their lives would be swept away with tsunamis of dreams that could suddenly be achieved. Like a tome of Alice In Wonderland dropping from the skies, the strange little key held in my palm, ready to open that peculiar little world that only I have control over.

Law of Attraction is like a whole new world unlocked and ready to explore with just my mind

The slightly built man in the starch tight suit stands in front of the microphone, adjusting his tie as a nervous little smile creeps across his chubby face. He cracks a private joke to his spin doctors standing behind him for support. The camera crew and his fans immediately stop their conversations as he commands their attention, ready for the circus to begin. They listen with their ears perked up, keen to swallow all he has to say with evident respect, whether they voted for him or not.

He oozes such power, his ego pounding through him, seeping out of his pores. Yet a civilian off the street could enable himself to command more power, fame and respect just by entrapping his thoughts and focusing them to be more productive, sending them in the right direction rather than a scatter of hazy clouds, awaiting action like most people experience.

I lie on my bed, excitement pulsating through my veins, pounding as the visions in my head become so strong, they become my sight. My bedroom is slightly cool but I feel so warm and loved, my two beloved cats snuggling into my sides. I feel the quilt under me, caressing it with my fingers and smile with happiness at how awesome life feels right now.

I take a look at my perfectly neat room with the bookshelves in the corner storing my university books with a matching table to its right, a computer on top awaiting my commands. The carpet matching the curtains and mirrored closet doors. Adrenaline pumps through my body as I feel so lucky, so at peace and in control of my life. The direction I choose suddenly so clear and my problems and issues nothing more than little mounds of dirt.

Reaching out into the new world that begins to unfold before my very eyes with just my mind

I’m sitting back in my car, the radio playing casual Saturday morning music. My crumpled Holden quilt and Astro Boy pillow on the passenger seat. I take a look around at my pleasant environment, entombed with tall trees bearing history and bushes of Kings Park, a pleasant breeze running through the car, whipping my hair.

I release the visions of my beautiful room in my new house the way I imagine it, excited that it would soon take place, like winning lotto after I dream it. I feel sad for all those dreamers who fail to make it a reality, they never release their thoughts and desires, to continue its process into manifestation. Then I realise it’s not my problem and I have my own dreams to work on, one at a time like a stepping stone over clear water leading to my perfect destination. I let the universe complete its process and I sit back to enjoy every wonderful moment I have left in this life.

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© The moral rights of the author has been asserted. Free the clicks!