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Imagination and the Mundane Life

Drugless cravings, yearns for an explore that leaves stretch marks on the imagination. The adventures created upon opening up one’s mind, opens the eyes like fresh yolks. Never to return back into the uncracked existence of the shell that is life.

The important lessons to be learnt from Alice in her Wonderland and the like, can set a path on fire with extraordinary events and places to explore in a world you didn’t know existed. The limits of the mind allows people to live a mundane life with all its daily routines. Cynicalness, bound and ruled by limited thinking sets, a path well walked on.

Stepping outside the boundaries is like walking through the glass mirror and seeing things from the other side.

“There’s no tunnels in Perth!” I remember hearing on a number of occasions when I first stepped into the world of urbexing. The arses of smart are quick to whip the obvious with Graham Farmer’s polypipe as a start.

Years of experience re-shaped my thinking, with new beliefs that challenged the status quo. Multiple occasions and nothing short of continual, it starts with a myth, hearsay or rumour. If one spends time to further their education in a variety of ways, even if it’s the cause of hundreds of hours researching both online and physically in person. Satellite imagery that turns back time to shed light on places and infrastructure you never knew existed. Locating sites of the past, uncovering tracks and ruins with all its treasures of long ago history. Like life, treasure is a personal definition. The greedier one is, the little satisfaction they shall receive with standards propped so high. In theory, luck is their only probability.

Keep your standards low and life will continuously be filled with excitement, amazing sights and experiences. Everyday life in the past that was taken for granted (mirroring today), portrays a private museum viewing with architectures, styles, fashion, colours, textures etc unseen today. Places of context varying from abandoned buildings to houses, underground spaces, drains and tunnels, vacant blocks, lost in the bush as well as caves, with a list that can be as long as the imagination you cultivate.

Why pose limits on your life and continue living a mundane experience when the world can open up in more ways than one, if you just stop to believe and appreciate the beauty in everything you see? As well as the possibilities that become endless, however long it takes you to find.

A closed mind gets you nowhere.

Adventure without risk is Disneyland.

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