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Find the Toenail? Ewww...

When I went to Miss Mauds after work on Friday, I said I wanted to find something funny or different to write on my birthday cake for a pick-up on Tuesday, to share in the lunchroom. I gave the wait staff guy an EXAMPLE of what I had in mind and told him I would keep trying to find something better and if I found something, I would come and see them on Monday. I didn’t get around to it so I only came back at Tuesday lunchtime to pick up the cake. When I opened up the cake box in the lunchroom, I saw the writing on the cake and was like “omg omg I can’t believe they did that. Omg I was joking! It was just an example !!!”

My birthday cake from Miss Mauds with the only personal cake message I could think of at the time!
My birthday cake for the lunchroom from Miss Mauds

There were only six people in the lunchroom but a few of them rushed to the table I was standing at. Surprisingly all six thought it was pretty funny and said it was really well done with the lovely style of writing and flower icing. There were no ugh, yuck or gross comments and Princess Torta cakes with it’s yummy Marzipan cover are ALWAYS sooo good! So it definitely ended up as a very memorable day and I’m sure people will remember my cake for a long time.

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