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06 - Armadale Collapsed Tunnel

Armadale Collapsed Tunnel

It was such an amazing feeling to find this tunnel after researching the area and certainly, the quickest I've found a tunnel. Not one single person I know had ever heard of this tunnel, which was mind blowing and made me more determined to find it.


I got chatting to a neighbour called Ian, who was a safety trainer on mine sites and he was amazing support. Whilst I was in the tunnel, Ian stood at the entrance to ensure that I was okay the whole time.


This tunnel was one of the most challenging, particularly at times as I was almost chest deep in water. I took my time going through it, on guard for any dangers particularly any potential collapses, although I felt somewhat safe. This tunnel has existed for more than 100 years and it was still in an impressive condition.


I had found the entrance on the opposite side days earlier and I certainly wasn't going to attempt an entry, judging by the massive cracks in the rocks surrounding the entrance.


On the night of this video, I wore my rigging helmet, respiratory mask, steel capped gumboots, gloves... among other safety equipment.

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