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19 - Fremantle Whalers Tunnel

Fremantle Whalers' Tunnel

The tunnel was built in 1837-1838 using convict labour, providing pedestrian access between Bathers Beach (the original port) and Fremantle city.

Both the tunnel as well as the jetty, which had been built using limestone from the nearby Arthur Head, was originally used by the Fremantle Whaling Company. They used the facilities as part of their operations between 1837 and 1850, exporting whale oil and bone, which was often used for lighting and manufacturing clothes.

Originally the tunnel was 3.6 metres high and 64 metres long.

A 'Secret Tunnel' branching off to the right (north) led to the Gunners' Cottage but was also used as an air raid shelter during World War II. Thankfully the threat of war only came as close as Geraldton in the state's north, some 419km away.

Electricity cables ran through the tunnel between 1905 and 1919, with a sewerage pipe laid in a trench through the tunnel between 1916 and 1975.

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