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21 - Perth Quarry Tunnel

Perth Quarry Tunnel

Once upon a time, a story of many, a mining lease was sought and a quarry began. Hopes of riches fuelling the company's motivations, created to mine the earth in the hills of Perth.

Tunnels were created in a number of areas to ascertain the quality and typology of mineral deposits but like many of Western Australia's 138,000 mines that were started, there was never any finish... just an end that came sooner than expected.


Perhaps it was a smart decision to close up the quarry, notwithstanding the moral conflictions many are conscious of, including but not limited to:

  • the continual depleting of the earth's resources,

  • dangerous work conditions associated with potential collapses,

  • workers exposed to dust, toxins and dampness-inducing pneumonia,

  • stress from the working environment etc


From a personal note, the desperation that fuels the obsession can send a man broke and over the brink. At the same time, giving up in the case for wealth can position you worse than you started. Just like life.

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