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01 - South Fremantle Power Station Tunnels

South Freo Power Station Tunnels

The coal-fired power station located in North Coogee, was proposed in 1943 and finally reached the planning stage three years later. Due to the post-war era when resources were limited like concrete, pipe and valves, things like fly ash had to be mixed with the concrete.

Construction took six years and both A and B stations comprising of four boilers finally came online in 1951, helping to upgrade Perth's power supply from 40kW to 50KW.

The power station closed in 1985, four years after East Perth's power station and despite being stripped of equipment, the surrounding facilities demolished and asbestos removed between 1994 to 1997 in an effort to sell it for a future development, it remains abandoned and continuingly dilapidated to this day.

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