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WW2 Army Bunker Tunnel

Built as a Regimental Aid Post (RAP) in WW2, these were commonly constructed in close proximity to army batteries.

​Injured personnel were taken to their nearest RAP post as a first step in the medical triage. Although we have doctors we can go to for minor ailments and injuries, hospitals implement a triage system just like the Regional Aid Posts did. Those who were severely suffering were obviously seen first.

​In a warzone, RAPs tend to be located within 700 yards of the front line.

​A Regimental Medical Officer and personnel of varying ranks from the Australian Army Medical Corps were assigned to these posts, with soldiers acting as stretcher-bearers when required.

​Ambulances, sometimes that of an army truck would transport those who required further or serious treatment to the Hospital Barracks.

Australian Army Medical Corps - Department of Veterans' Affairs

​The Bunker Tunnel

I'd almost given up hope in locating this bunker tunnel and was so sure it'd been filled or at least, the entrance sealed.

​It's certainly not a location worth giving out, particularly due to the instability of the structure. All it takes is one dimwit to lose his balance or intentionally damage a post or supporting beam… and the whole thing would come down.

Best of all, it’s not trashed and there's no graffiti in there. That's not to condemn graffiti as a whole, as there's always better places for it like abandoned places that are set for demolition.

Places of history are something different altogether and at times people, particularly the younger generation, have no regard for history and are more interested in marking places for notoriety.

Also, there are plenty of snakes around, especially when you’re in the bush!

It wasn’t until later when I looked at my photos did I see three snakes in them. One was in a photo I’d taken from the entrance and some 30 seconds later, I’d stepped right where it’d been.

More reasons why it’s never a good idea to share these places!

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