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05 - Dawesville Caves Mandurah

Dawesville Caves Mandurah

My local mate took me here for a quick visit one afternoon, when I was dropping him off home. He told me there were so many caves in the area but only a few were quite big and it was only the locals who knew where they were.

The rains had been pretty heavy recently, so it wasn't surprising parts of the cave was quite muddy. Something that never really bothered me, no matter where I went.


Sadly, this also meant that a part of the cave had recently suffered a collapse and after some time of crawling down a rocky face on my stomach (with the usual collection of cuts and scratches, as well as my 'whaterever' attitude), it was smart not to go any further. I had mostly filmed the experience on my GoPro rather than take photos, hence why they are limited.


We headed back to where our two mates were, sitting in what little sun was left. They weren't, for the most part, as adventurous as us and were more than happy to sit this one out. Particularly when it came to the unknown, anything deemed dangerous, dark, cold or quite cramp.

There was another small cave nearby my mate wanted to quickly show me but the other two wanted to head back home, especially with a 90 minute drive back to the northern suburbs ahead of us. Next time is certainly now overdue.

March 2021

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