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Western Australia Police Department Traffic Branch Handbook

Principal Regulations and Advice to the Drivers of Vehicles

By Authority of the Commissioner of Police

Perth, 1930












The Principal Regulations issued by WA Police was a handbook published in 1930 to inform and educate Perth drivers as to what the traffic regulations were, in hope to make the streets safe.

  • Traffic lights didn't exist and intersections were manned by pointsmen's signals

  • Hand signals were used by drivers to indicate which way they were turning

  • Rules about one-way traffic

  • Parking restrictions

  • Speed limits

  • Information about driver licenses

  • Disposing of your vehicle

  • Transfer of vehicle

  • Identification plates

  • Dazzling headlights

  • Accidents

  • Overtaking other vehicles

  • Trams

  • Intoxication

  • Equipment and brakes

  • Reversing

  • Wet roads

  • Railway crossing

Download the WA Police Traffic Branch Handbook


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