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West Perth Desborough House

Located at 1161-1167 Hay Street in West Perth, Desborough House was designed by Perth architect-Subiaco Mayor Austin Bastow and built from 1903 for real estate agent Henry Laslett. Each residence contained nine living rooms with many spacious balconies.

It was originally located at 1161 with a house next door at 1167 built in around the same time for member of parliament Norman Ewing. "Both buildings were joined via a glazing link sometime before the 1980s" at which time they were turned into offices.

1921 - It is run as a lodging house by Miss J Taylor until 1949.

1999 - (31 December) Desborough House is included in the City of Perth's Heritage survey, which is a stepping stone to the council's Heritage List and can offer protection from demolition. The survey is supposed to be updated every five years but appeared to have been neglected by the Perth council (Perth Voice Interactive).

2002 - Hiltonia Enterprises purchases Desborough House for $1.17 million.

2017 - (31 March) The WA Heritage Council declares that the 119 year old building does not warrant assessment for heritage listing.

2018 - Desborough House is listed for sale as a 'prime development site.

2021 - The City of Perth's draft heritage inventory includes a listing for Desborough House.

2022 - (26-27 November) Desborough House is demolished by Statewide Demolition.

01 - January 2021

02 - October 2022

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