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What the Adults Think About the Homeless

Comment 1: I feel sorry. If I could do something, I would find their interests and skills, provide housing, funds and a lot of support from social workers, youth workers and a professional in their chosen field of work (like a role model) and a lot of encouragement and opportunity to use their skills and interests (to boost self-esteem).

48, female, business marketer

Comment 2: Life is hard, and it’s not easy when you blame everyone except yourself. You can be a member of this society or you die and no one will miss you. It’s your own hard choice, but you must start from the bottom, and after, hope for the best.

41, male, Northbridge cafe manager and owner

Comment 3: Life is what you make it to be. If you think negatively about life, then it will be downhill for most of your life. Get help and do something with your lives. Have a goal in life and make sure you stick to it. Life is not easy, nothing is, but take it a day at a time.

25, male, Northbridge Pot Black employee

Comment 4: Basically, it’s their life. They choose to do what they do. If they do their stuff in their own space and not in public where no one can see, then it’s all right. There’s nothing they can really do to stop homelessness. They’ve got the freedom to do whatever they like. I don’t know how they could be helped because I’ve never been in their situation.

21, female, newspaper street seller

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