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Young People in Community-Based Supervis

Young People in Community-Based Supervision 2009-10

13.30 Young Persons in Community-Based Supervision 2009–10(a)(b)


Type of order                                                                                     no.

Supervised or conditional bail and other unsentenced                    2 764

​Probation and similar                                                                        8 890

​Suspended detention                                                                       1 042

​Home detention                                                                                       6

​Parole or supervised release                                                               458

​Other sentenced orders (c)                                                                 426

​Other orders n.e.c. (d)                                                                           26

​Multiple order types                                                                           2 698

Total                                                                                                   10 914

(a) Western Australia and the Northern Territory did not supply data for 2009–10.

(b) The number of young people may not sum to total as young people may have been under supervision in relation to multiple types of orders during the same day or year.

(c) Other sentenced orders include other sentences requiring juvenile justice supervision.

(d) Other orders n.e.c. includes other types of legal arrangements not elsewhere classified.

Source: AIHW, Juvenile justice in Australia 2009–10, Juvenile justice series no. 8. JUV8.[email protected]/Lookup/by%20Subject/1301.0~2012~Main%20Features~People%20in%20custody~71

1301.0 - Year Book Australia, 2012 

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