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Young People in Detention and on Communi

Young People in Detention and on Community-Based Supervision Orders 2009-10

13.28 Young Persons in Detention,

By combined selected states and territories 2009–10

Young persons in detention(a)                                        no.

All young people                                                               5 017

​     Males                                                                            4 227

​     Females                                                                           784


Indigenous status

​     Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander                            1 787

​     Non-Indigenous                                                            3 124

​     Unknown                                                                          106


Sentence status(b)

​     Sentenced                                                                    1 457

​     Unsentenced                                                                4 432

​     Both sentenced and unsentenced                                  872

(a) Western Australia and the Northern Territory did not supply data for 2009–10.

(b) The number of sentenced and unsentenced young people will not sum to total as some young people would have been both unsentenced and sentenced during the year.

Source: AIHW, Juvenile justice in Australia 2009–10, Juvenile justice series no. 8. JUV8.

Young People Under Community-Based Supervision

In 2009–10, 10,914 young people were under juvenile community-based supervision during the year (table 13.30). The most common type of order was probation and similar, with 8,890 young people receiving these orders during the year.


Data are sourced from the Juvenile Justice National Minimum Dataset collected by the AIHW.

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