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Zelie's Juvenile Delinquent

Zelie's Juvenile Delinquent Interview

27 years old

When did you go to juvie and why?

2005 for a brawl with police and stealing cars.

What was it like?

I knew a lot of the kids from living on the streets, so I found it easy and quite fun to be honest, and I was always bashing someone. I was quite an angry kid!

Did it make you want to change your behaviour?

No, I didn't care about it as I was homeless and had a warm bed and food.

Have you lived on the streets? If yes, for how long?

Yes, five years on and off.

What crimes have you committed?

Armed robbery, steal motor vehicles, common assault, grievous bodily harm and too many more to write.

Were you a ward of the state?


Have you been to adult prison? Any differences you noticed between jail and juvie?

Yes, for armed robbery. I did two years and eight months. It's no different really. I had fun at both, but as an adult, I grew up and realised I had a great future ahead of me if I wanted it.

First age and the reason you were in trouble with the authorities?

Thirteen years old for breaking a street light and a police station window.

How much high school did you do?

I did Year 11.

Your experience with social workers or youth workers?

Love them! Still contact mine and keep him up to date.

What are you doing with your life now?

I am a qualified youth worker and am continuing my studies to be a social worker or counsellor.

What would you like the future to be like?

A place everyone helps each other and understands the struggles of today's youth.

What drugs have you used?

I was a heroin addict and then went on to methamphetamine.

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