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13 - Nedlands GP Medical Centre.jpg

Nedlands GP Medical Centre

08 - Nedlands GP Medical Centre

May 2020

Built on a 787m² block of land, a listing on states that it has no bedrooms, 2 toilets and no parking space.

LH Hooker listed the property for sale on 13 May 2020 but withdrew it later that year. Other property sources say that it'd been listed for 664 days.

The building was demolished in April 2023.

On 4 August 2024, the block of land was listed for sale at a price of $2.25m.

A lot of people would no doubt be turned away by the thought of next door being turned into an apartment complex. With its big house being demolished some two years ago, an application for a nine-storey apartment with 27 dwellings at a cost of $11m had been approved on 22 April 2022.


It's pretty suspicious that it was approved so quick when the application was only lodged on 6 January that same year, when the majority of development applications for apartment complexes seemingly taking more than a year, with most as long as two years or longer.


Perhaps the result of locals kicking up a fuss, a new development application was lodged on 21 December 2023 and without looking into this neighbouring property any further, it's listed with 29 apartments at a cost of $16m.

08 - Nedlands GP Medical Centre

February 2022

42 - Nedlands GP Medical Centre

October 2022