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08 - Wadjemup Lighthouse

Wadjemup Lighthouse

Also known as Rottnest Island Light Station

09 - Wadjemup Lighthouse - Pumphouse

Wadjemup Lighthouse - Pumphouse

Satellite imagery shows this tin shed has remained in its exact position since pre-1955. A pipeline from the pumphouse was constructed all the way up the hill, to the south west corner of the block the Wadjemup Lighthouse sits on. From there, it presumably feeds into the water tanks.

It's quite amazing to see an intact tin shed lasting that long, considering how many sheds would've blown away or suffered some form of impact damage with or without a storm, during that time.


It would be quite safe to say that the location of the pumphouse appears to be well protected from the wind, as well as perhaps those who tend to damage and forcibly bust into places.

02 - Wadjemup Hill - WRANS House

Wadjemup Hill - WRANS House

Ex Lighthouse Keeper's Quarters

07 - Signal Ridge-Wadjemup Hill Views

Signal Ridge-Wadjemup Hill Views