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Ranting, Raving and Carrying On

All the goodness and positivity, corrupted by their inhumane impassivity while we judge those and others instead of ourselves
Those who crave the role to control

I’ve dealt with some real feral people in my life The aggressive type, with a bad attitude that runs rife And takes control of them, to the point that they condem All the goodness and positivity, corrupted by their inhumane impassivity.

They crave control of every situation, The population and all outgoing information, In order to assert their inner expert Attention to them they divert, as a result of the effort they exert.

Even when you’re talking to your mate or enjoying a debate, They barge in with opinions they want to illustrate, But when it’s the other way and you interrupted, Their sanity becomes disrupted and corrupted.

It’s like they need a full-time spotlight, As their ego grows in the limelight. And when you’re just trying to do your job, They override you, bad mouth you and become the biggest knob.

If you dare try to stand up for yourself, She’ll start shouting and ranting herself, And when you remind her she’s not a boss She’ll up the anti and get all cross.

So now it’s reached the point, Where the real boss has to appoint, People to work with her because no one wants to Another reason I come to work feeling quite blue.

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