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Abandoned Deceased Estate: Memories of a cold, dark night

We've just uploaded our latest YouTube video. Check it out!

An interesting explore of a deceased estate in Gosnells, Western Australia.

The owner died aged 99 in October 2019. I was taken here by a group of friends, some who'd been here previously. Although I wasn't very keen on coming here so late at night (after work), it was certainly an interesting explore that was worth it.

The night, particularly in a cold and lonely house like this one, forgotten with time, exemplifies the mysteriousness, mood and emotion one feels, as we step quietly through the corridors and rooms.

Creaking floorboards.

Sounds of agitated winds scraping overgrown branches against gutters in severe disrepair.

Like an environmental scream.

Ghostly as it seems.

Undisturbed dust lies as thick as cobwebs.

Possessions and documents thrown around like trash, obviously by looters in search of forgotten wealth or anything of value. No regard for the meaning it all once had, for someone who's since moved on. Perhaps the memory and importance of it all no longer existed, was never recorded, let alone preserved to pass on to future generations.

Did anyone care?

Thus, the motivation of an urbexer.

To preserve and photograph history. Someone's history, regardless of the limited or lack of information that can be told from images but nethertheless, captured to share glimpses of someone's life, the way they lived.

Enjoy the video.

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