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07 - DOJO Martial Arts & Warehouses

DOJO Martial Buildings

Demolished in January 2023.

The DOJO buildings was the name known to urban explorers which referred to the martial arts building, as well as the other buildings that didn't form Hostel Milligan Perth Villa.


October: A small drug cook up is evident in one of the upstairs rooms facing Milligan Street, with an even bigger setup in the adjacent building, which had previously been tenanted by the Print Hotline.

July 2021

December 2021

15 - DOJO Martial Arts Street Meth Lab

Street Meth Lab


December: A massive amount of disorganised, street-level drug-making equipment and a variety of substances is photographed inside the ground floor of the DOJO building by an urban explorer and sent to Streetkid Industries. It shows the setup almost completely taking up the building’s floor. The male squatter who is known to refer himself as being a “Fremantle boy,” is not home.

06 - Hostel Milligan Pearl Villa

Solar Panels on the Roof


July: A local graffer informs me that the top floor of the DOJO building has an even bigger drug-cooking setup than the ground floor. In messages, he states:

  • Did you see the big one on the top floor? Like the massive room with bottles and supplies. I went tonight… I couldn’t believe it… there was someone inside.

  • The building worn the big silver graffiti that says “jqee”… it has glass windows open at the top… and solar panels out there by squatters. It’s the building the graffiti is on. The window is open with power cords going out to the roof with solar panels. Massive meth setup. The whole room.

  • 1 guy in that building I saw him with a torch and another guy in the front building… all of them are accessible…

  • That is insane… It’s like what I saw in the upstairs.

In videos that were sent with the messages, he also states:

  • They’re making meth here. I can’t believe this bro. It’s a meth lab! I’m on this roof right… and there’s solar panels on this abandoned building. See these solar panels, right?

  • It’s a meth lab… that’s a meth lab! They’re making meth… there’s cups and chemicals everywhere and I’ve seen this before. This is definitely a meth lab

  • I’m thinking what the fk? Why’s there solar panels connected to an abandoned building? It’s hell dodgy and I looked inside right...


Photos and information is passed onto the architect who is trying to look after the property for Fragrance Group, as suggested by a local journalist who has been in touch with the architect on numerous occasions. He’s constantly asked for police assistance on so many occasions but can never seem to get any support because there’s nothing the police can do, nor are they willing to put themselves in danger by entering the buildings. They advise him to just try and keep boarding up the property.

Frustrated, the architect mentions to me that he’s considering contacting the Inspector of the Perth District and appears thankful with the drug lab photos supplied to him by us from an urban explorer, as well as photos of the solar panels from the graffer, which is visible from the street anyway. No further photos of the top floor setup has been supplied, nor of the remaining buildings on the property or any other current information.

(Screenshots from videos sent to Streetkid Industries)