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The Bunnings Feedback Rhyme

Customer feedback for an employee at Bunnings Warehouse in Perth, Western Australia, an Australian household hardware chain, founded by two brothers
Customer feedback for an employee at Bunnings in Perth

So Bunnings was my intention,

But time inattention I should mention,

Armed with my list at eight fifty,

I was going to get in, get out quite swiftly.

Before I knew it, I was losing time,

And it's like a crime to shop overtime,

As any time you hear that chime,

To say doors are closing which is quite imposing,

You need to exit,

Fast and NOW, not like the Brexit!

So feeling quite stressed and depressed,

As I have expressed,

Even distressed which I suppressed,

Thank God Sam came to assist,

To help me complete my list,

Which made my night quite right,

Polite, a delight and a welcomed sight.

So . . . hey Sam, thanks mate,

I appreciate, as I indicate,

The awesome service you demonstrate,

Which is why I will return,

This note I now adjourn !!!

Feedback from Bunnings boss located at the East Victoria Park store in Perth, Western Australia which earned Sam a service award and badge for customer service
Feedback from the Bunnings boss

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