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First World Problems in the Real World

The world of Turkey is shaken to the core. The Kiwis are flooded and shuddered whilst Ukraine is at war with a tyrant, consumed with selfish means.

Poverty is high and housing is low. Every corner of the city and behind the bushes of parks, the homeless camp out. Beggars with outstretched hands and the occasional mobile payments apps, requesting funds for whatever they chase. Some are legit and others far from but regardless of height, we’re all short.

Like an illness, we’re all suffering.

Like boxers, we’re all fighting.

But like a HyperColour tshirt, we can change in a flash when the conditions are right. Though if one still has a shirt from the day, perhaps it’s now conditioned not to change or if it does, it may require more convincing. Weathered by the environment, alternating treatment and worn with age, it simply isn’t much different from the human species upon inspecting the facets of life.

If our vision was impaired to whatever degree, would the problems be as big if we were unable to focus on seeing them? On the otherhand, life under the microscope improves with focus, like changing slides from negative to positive. Do we even have a right to complain about the problems we struggle with, no matter what coping skills we lack, when real world problems make our own issues pale in scale?

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