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Pushing Self-Created Limits

Pushing the limits helps us grow. Learning new things helps our mind expand, potentially leading to new opportunities and experiences.

But at what cost?

Following the traditional norm of society’s expectations, without considering that appears to encompass the majority who live stuck, dreaming and chasing fantastic goals may as well be akin to following a radical cult. Anything different, whether in our thinking or our physical acts, feels controversial enough to go ‘against the grain.’

Is it any wonder most of us look munted and stunted, to the point of insane?

Pale and frail, staggering up a pointless trail?

Suckers for quick fix drugs from propaganda-touting corporate thugs?

Searching for a mighty high, as we wonder why?

In theory, any act of physical self-discovery may quickly be quashed with current and future legislation. Codified black and white letter law. Any infractions challenging the so-called status quo, attracts penalties and punishment, precedents dealt with on a far more severe level. Subsequent risk management resulting in governmental watch lists, if you happen to unfortunately find yourself on their wide-scoped radar.

All because you want to take a step off the well-worn path that leads to glory, achievements and impacting experiences. As personal or short-term these may be.

Perhaps the life experiences of the leading elite, as touted by the rather dubious, get-rich-quick life coaches, can only genuinely be acquired by those with penthouse status in society’s hierarchy. Often referred to as the food chain by ‘common people,’ who are eaten alive for chasing anything radical and dramatical, in a bid to improve their stagnant lives. The upper class encompass those with power, good and bad, ethical or morally corrupt. Legal infractions perpetrated by themselves, tend to be favourably swept under the carpet, as they chase the best life has to offer at any cost. Disproportionately, not an option for the working-class.

So whilst we endeavour to pursue experiences which help us feel alive and free, chasing highs from mind-altering drugs to potentially risky climbs of 60 metres or more, they can quickly attract detrimental sanctions.

Putting us back in our box.

Capped like a gun.

Pressure building with desperate urges for a release.


The bullet can go two ways.

Shot like a rocket, pushing gravity in search of freedom.

Or… be the death of us.

If you maintain the pressure, you face a further two options. Make the easy and weak decision of medicating the dull pain that comes with a mundane routine, which only serves to look brighter on weekends and days off. At the cost of wishing our lives away.

The smarter alternative is to utilise the pressure to fuel your motivation to act. Bringing about what could very well be slow but progressive and positive change. It may also serve to improve your status in society in the long run.

Regardless, there is hope.

Perhaps not much but any hope is better than no hope at all.

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