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Fair Dinkum Mate... Happy Straya Day 2018

Crikey! I'm a bit gobsmacked I didn't cark it before I stopped mucking around and made this true blue vid about Straya Day s'arvo. Devo! Definitely deserve Maccas on my smoko before I hit my swag tonight. Fair dinkum mate, it's a hundred o'clock but happy Aussie Day!

Images of a beautiful blue sky, aqua marine-coloured water and pristine white sands are the dangled carrot many people seem to forever chase in a bid to escape the self-destructive daily grind at the expense of failing to live in the now.

Meanwhile, tourists flock to our beautiful city here in Western Australia to set their sights on the picturesque parklands of Kings Park and intensely breath-taking 270º or so views of the city, the hills and a river of activity. What could be better than a glorious warm and sunny day, armed with a basket of scrumptious food, a good wine and the beloved company of family and friends?

So whilst we dream our working hours away with visions of an escape to exotic, serene or exciting destinations, we tend to overlook and fail to appreciate our local beauties that could help replenish us with an amazing respite, even for just an hour.

As we enjoy our lovely meal, watching the constant rush of life that rarely stops during daylight hours whether we are picnicking at Kings Park or the foreshore of South Perth, we find ourselves reflecting on our lack of effort to stop and smell the roses. I've never really been a rose sort of person but putting this aside, time passes so quick, we lose so much time, living our life to the beat of a chime when we promptly respond to persistent Facebook notifications, alarm clocks, overflowing digital schedules . . .

Making this belated Australia Day 2018 YouTube video comprising of photos and videos with beautiful blue skies, a clear view of our bustling city, inviting green grass and the timeless ebb and flower of the Swan River gives me pangs of a deep yearning for my beloved summer experiences.

The desire and heartfelt cravings for an exciting summer quickly re-surface. Warm singlet wearing days, enjoying the sun and salty waves of the beach, icecream running down our fingers when we stop to enjoy delicious gourmet-flavoured icecream (or even good old vanilla icecream from the Mr Whippy look-alike trucks).

Making this video results in a revisiting of this beloved scene on a warm summer day on the banks of the Swan River in anticipation of fun picnic festivities capped with breath-taking and exciting fireworks show lighting up the night sky.

We could still do this (minus the fireworks!) for at least half of the year but winter's colours aren't as vibrant and the cold winds bring too much whining. The atmosphere certainly fails to compare nor do we stop to take time out without such an exciting and eventful reason as Australia Day does.

I could say "five more months to summer!" but . . . I'd be wishing my life away, as we commonly seem to do by human nature anyway.

 Children play on McCallum Park jetty by the river edge in South Perth on Australia Day waiting for The City of Perth Skyworks - Delphine Jamet
Children playing on the McCallum Park jetty in South Perth on Australia Day

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