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The Color Run 2017: Now on YouTube!

An awesome volunteer greets participants at the Finish Line Tunnel Perth Color Run five kilometer untimed event with colored powder - Delphine Jamet
An awesome volunteer greets participants at the Finish Line Tunnel

For years I've been dreaming about the video camera I want to own. I still own an iPhone and a DSLR.

We're all supposed to have a mission in life, just like what you read in a business plan. A succinct sentence that expresses the purpose for our personal existence. Mine is to tell people's stories. I've only realised it over the last few years after spending my entire existence meandering along a track that was suggestive of my mere direction rather than helping me to identify any set concrete indication of what exactly I was searching for.

I see myself as one of the most luckiest people in the world!

I can't think of a single person who comes to mind that I know, who is aware of their life purpose AND who especially can package their identified purpose into a neat, succinct sentence like a business statement.

Just about everyone I know me-ambles their way through life half interested, or seemingly faking it. We all know that we have a fire in our belly, or are at least supposed to and it's this that gives us the momentum we need to help discover our passion and enact the abilities that will lead to the success of achieving what we subconsciously set out to achieve right from the start.

So until I oneday manage to obtain my dream camera, I intend to make the most of my time in order to fast track my success in any possible way. One of those activities is to attempt to regularly create YouTube videos, particularly on events I have participated in or on subjects that energises me with passion. The Color Run is definitely one of the fun events I enjoy and last year was my second participation.

Every video I create, I try and learn a new film editing technique and constantly work on improving my existing skills.

Participant runners having active fun in the Foam Zone planet Color Run, epic music, massive colour throws, large 5k party, Delphine Jamet
Participants having fun in the Foam Zone

Using my iPhone 7, I filmed the entire Color Run 2017 event and have had some amazing feedback, particularly from the parentals, who are usually the toughest critics. Surprisingly, they loved my new Color Run video for last year's event and were particularly impressed at my film editing skills which have seriously progressed from the first video I uploaded to YouTube some two years ago.

I still have a long way to go but one step in the right direction is better than no step at all, remaining dormant like my future tombstone! (well, maybe that's a little grim. Remaining more dormant than my fatty mumba feline when I tell her to start getting her hair off my couch!)

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