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My First Attempt at Animation

My favourite 'boss' was leaving. I wanted to say thankyou for inspiring me and for the awesome chats that kept me wanting to try harder and keep going.

I'd been writing some laughs from work in a notepad and thought, what better way to make him laugh and remind him of the funny moments we had at work with a comic book? It's always so much easier to think about the harder times where we're left completely worn out, drained, exhausted, munted...

So I finally made a leap forward and tried my hand at animation. I started with a selfie.

When most people take a selfie, the photos doesn't look anything like them or at least the way they see themselves. And it certainly doesn't look as good. Mine was the opposite. Well... maybe it didn't look 100% like me, especially right now but I certainly looked better than in real life!

Animation character CGI Character Creator design image Perth Magistrates Court orderly retirement present creation
One of the many characters

Each character took more than two hours to create from scratch! Perhaps it took longer trying to work out how to use a completely new software especially with new things to learn like mesh, modelling, anti-aliasing, aspect ratios, vertex group etc. The terminology alone... ugh!

But I turned it into a comic book and I had a lot of great feedback. Although the 'boss' was more interested in telling me, 'That must have taken you a long time to make!' I can't post the comic on my website as it's related to work. It's got secret stuff in it...

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