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The Westside Obsession (now available!)

The Westside Obsession is over. Who would have thought?

Thank frog! Yet unexpected.

The comic book is finished, just like this chapter of my life. Self destructive behaviour that served no purpose, other than potentially, as an outlet for short-term relief. Certainly not that of the guards, I can imagine.

Over a two-month period, innocence is shed from both sides of a pointless clash. Lines are breached, mostly for the purpose of photographic ventures.

Welcome to Westside.

The beauty captured in an extensive amount of photographs becomes an obsession, as colours serve to distort like a medicinal high. Time lapses, regardless of an epically slow speed, become a point of fascination.

A crane so high with views too incredible to imagine, wasted and limited to sole operators. Architectural designs of art, symbolising a dream someone somewhere in the world developed, before they were blessed with an opportunity to turn it into reality.

To some, it's just another building plopping its base firmly in the CBD.

To others, it resembles so much more.

Some of the characters portrayed in this comic book are displayed here. Not all models have been uploaded and some are in the process of acquiring much-needed facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

The Westside Obsession is based on true and accurate accounts that took place at a site casually renamed, 'Westside.' The true location, certainly not of any interest to a budding sleuth.

Whilst an ethical approach in life is to view stories through two sides, that isn't necessary in this case, as the author is female and honest. Both favourable traits, if gender can honestly be called a trait and if a trait can be honest is a dispute not worth delving into.

Regardless, the first 18 pages are available for preview below. Alternatively if you prefer a PDF version to view:

The Westside Obsession (First Chapter)
Download • 18.63MB

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