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National Archives of Australia (Part 2): Now on YouTube!

The National Archives of Australia was originally located in East Victoria Park, before they relocated to Northbridge. This old 11,033sqm property was sold in July 2018 for a reported $7 million. It lies abandoned, housing the occasional squatter, used as a studio for local street graffers and explored by recreational urbexers.

The site is contaminated with an abundance of asbestos, white mould and microbial hazards as well as being typically classed as a dangerous environment with holes in the flooring, trashed rooms, discarded needles etc.

We were given permission to enter the premises in two stages, hence why this video (Part 2) is limited to the internal areas of the building.

All the videos on this channel have been created for the purposes of furthering filming, film editing and special effects skills. Whilst the quality of the cameras used and filming whilst moving is the biggest issue that needs to be addressed particularly in this video, if you have any constructive comments, advice, resources and ideas you would like to share, they are most certainly welcome!

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