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The Color Run 2016: Now on YouTube!

Finally, The Color Run 2016 video has been finished and uploaded to our Streetkid Industries YouTube channel!

Once again, the event was held on Langley Park, located on Terrace Road in East Perth. The course weaved and stretched over parts of Riverside Drive and Ozone Reserve.

The Color Run 2016 held on The Esplanade in Perth, Western Australia - Color runner participants warm up at the main stage
The Color Run 2016 held on The Esplanade in Perth

With the occasional passing cloud, the picturesque azure sky made the colours of the event stand out. Even the morning’s temperatures were perfect, with 26°C forecasted for the day. Nor was there any strong winds present. What more could you want?

The music was pumping! The vibration could be felt with our feet, as it coursed through the grass. The atmosphere nothing short of vibrant and exciting, fuelled by the energetic warm-up dance moves of the stage presenters. We all wanted to be there and have some fun. Forget our worries and make this day count.

It was a fantastic experience, just like the year before.

I always yearn for more events like this. Where the community get together, which at times, involves wearing silly colourful frills, skirts and socks. Even the men are brave enough to sport them, ready to have a good time! Positive energy beaming in all directions, as bright as the sun’s rays. It was brilliant.

The Color Run Perth city Western Australia Langley Park East Perth massive color throw food grade corn starch foam festival
Color Runner Kirin Taylor having fun!

Sure we have events like the Perth Royal Show but it never has the same electric atmosphere. Possibly because there’s more money involved once you’re in the event, the kids want everything, they get tired, you have to carry everything and the showgrounds are a long day.

Unfortunately the preparation, time and costs involved usually exceed the interests of those who create and manage such huge events, usually hoping for a profit and barely break even. Perhaps this is what happened with the awesome Neon Run, ROC Race, Slide The City Perth (cancelled just before the event was to take place and refunds were never given!), Splash City and Xscape at the City. Some of these events now limit themselves to the East Coast where there's more people and less distance to travel between states.

This is perhaps why we try to have as much fun as we can at The Color Run, seeing how limited such awesome opportunities are!

Anyway, not long to go until next year's anticipated The Color Run!

Enjoy our video…

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