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19 - Woodman Point - Toilet & Shower Amenities (Meta Data - 24 January 2023) (1).jpg

Woodman Point

Toilet & Shower Amenities

Nothing is more angering and frustrating when people don't give a crap about historic places. Notwithstanding, I know I know... there's not enough time/people/resources to show enough care.

Freshly unearthed and cleaned up... communal toilet block foundation, single toilet foundation (the poo loo?) and a septic tank or bore for water. Still... I was pretty excited when I saw these. The other buildings in close proximity appear to be good as gone... foundations and all! Lame ass!

I found this cool bug on the tree, which I think woke up when it saw me. He seems pretty friendly though.

01 - January 2023

02 - January 2023

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