Stories and interviews from the book

AJ's Criminal

Career Interview

I've done everything from burglaries, break in and enters, home invasions, to being accused of things, stealing, murder and rape.

A Quick Run-down

on Homeless People

Life is fucked. But then again, it’s good on the streets because people help you out. You take up drugs, and then you find you’ve got Hep C!

Bob's Railway

Police Interview

I think the violence is increasing in some respects because people are getting more brazen.

Carl's Drug

Dealing Story

I've never done a dirty deal. If it's not good enough for me, it's not good enough for anyone else.

Children's Court Magistrate's Sentencing Speech

I understand you actually wanted to be picked up by the police and sent to Rangeview because you had nowhere else to stay.

Chris Summerfield's

Drug Arm WA Interview

We do see a lot of homeless people and one good thing to be aware of is that there’s different levels of homelessness.

Danny's Nyoongar Patrol Outreach Services Comment

When it comes to having young people hanging around the city, I like to find them a place to stay.

Frank's Newsagency Story

I think the danger of Northbridge is very over hyped because people express concerns over what they hear about Northbridge.

Hohepe Wuremu's Streetkid Comment

If I hadn’t left my dad, I would still be getting bashed. I take each day as it comes, so I don’t know what I’ll do next.

Jimmy's Brass Monkey Interview

We get a few fights but I think it’s pretty tame compared to what the news would like to see.

Marge's Perth Street Doctor Nurse Comment

When they first started the curfew, they were just taking anyone off the streets, but then they found they had too many to work with.

Mark's Railway Police Interview

I used to see a lot of disorderly behaviour, violence, assaults, fare evasions and general misbehaviour from all classes of people.

Michel's A Fish Affair Restaurant Chef Interview

The Northbridge curfew? Ha ha (laughs for 10 seconds!) Is this a joke? I don’t know, I’ve never seen it.

Mike's Youth Legal Service Lawyer Interview

Ignorance of the law is no excuse. It’s just awe-inspiring the amount of law that young people think they know

Ryan's Rangeview Juvenile Remand Centre Youth Interview

A lot of kids want to come back, they get medical care, looked after by the staff meals, change of clothes... especially the streetkids.

WA Police Bicycle Unit Interview

Some children are running wild in the early hours of the morning when parents need to have more of an accountability for them.

What the Adults Think About the Homeless

There’s nothing they can really do to stop homelessness. They’ve got the freedom to do whatever they like

Young People in Northbridge Statistics

Street-based statistics of young people present in Northbridge (July 2001)

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