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Bickley Battery - Shelter

A small shelter located next to the south-east perimeter fence line and approximately 36 metres north-slightly east from the railway line directly in front of the F1 Gun, has long since been demolished.

It's unlikely we'll ever know anything more about this small building which, judging from 1955 satellite imagery, was no bigger than 3m² and quite possibly just a concrete box.

Bits and pieces of scattered debris is all that remains from the long ago past.

06 - Bickly Battery - Officer's Mess.jpg

Bickley Battery: Officers' Mess

The building that was once the Officers' Mess, appears to have been a good-sized two-storey building, enclosed with a perimeter fence for privacy on the northern side and to the rear.

At the front right corner of the property, a small rectangle building was located here, facing north. It appears to have had an open gable style of roofing, very likely constructed from corrugated tin sheets. Perhaps this was the toilet block, which was certainly a lot bigger than a typical outback dunny.


An equal sized spacing between that building and the main officer's mess appears to have been covered with grass (or some kind of matted vegetation). Perhaps this is more of an imagination, due to the black and white imagery available at the time but it would surely be something that one could suspect was the case.

The roofing also appears to be an open gable style, with the western front forming a patio or at the very least, a small strip of shade alongside the front of the building.

The Officers' Mess looks to have been a squared space and if I was to take a stab, I'd guess it to be 7m² x 7m².

To the eastern end of the building is a small rectangular shaped building attached at the rear and perhaps this was actually the toilet.


Two or so metres behind this is a backyard space before the fence encloses the property.

Another building that's since been demolished in long ago history.

Landgate Map Previewer - Bickley Battery Officers' Mess
01 - Bickley Battery - Machine Gun Emplacement

Bickley Battery: Machine Gun Emplacement

Located approximately 32m east from the Officers' Mess and 57m south west from the F1 Gun, this Machine Gun Emplacement has long since been demolished.


Judging by the small hill of concrete rubble left behind, we can only speculate that it contained a concrete platform similar to what remains of the Machine Gun Emplacement at Bickley Point.

01 - Bickley Battery - Machine Gun Emplacement
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