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Court Mosaic (For a Retiring Boss)

A lovely boss I knew was about to retire after some 25 years on the job.

So me and one of my favourite colleagues from another agency began brainstorming ideas of a retirement present we could make and give to him, to say thanks.

Our first idea was a baseball cap with an embroided image of two dogs that were the same breed as his own. Maybe something to do with justice, maybe something that would make him laugh.

Problem was, he's one of the most conservative people we'd ever met and at times, it took a very dedicated effort to make him laugh.

The baseball cap idea was certainly shelved for the time being, since the plain cap reflected his conservative personality and any artistic attempts to change this, would surely end up in a box or the cupboard.

So we thought about creating a small comic about his career, with the highs and lows depicted with humour. Not sure what happened to that undeveloped idea!

I ended up for some reason (and certainly at the last minute as always . . . like an embedded bad habit!) creating a mosaic depicting a court scene. After creating the photo from scratch, the scene was made with some 2,700 images put together and it was then pinned onto the common noticeboard accessed by himself and his colleagues.

Feedback received by many people in the building made it worth the 11 or so hours it took to create this image.

But sadly, Western Australia has lost a highly experienced and professional boss to the traps of retirement.

Perth Magistrates civil court mosaic for a retiring Western Australia boss Photoshop art - Delphine Jamet
A scene of a court for a retiring boss

(Image is best viewed on a computer rather than a mobile device!)

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