• Delphine Jamet

The St Kilda Football Club Prank

I've always wanted to learn how to use Photoshop. Unfortunately it's one of the many things on my To Do List, which includes mastering PowerDirector (ALMOST there!), FL Studios, Gimp and Blender.

But one weekend (some 10 years later), I FINALLY got around to trying it out and unfortunately, it came at the expense of one of our top bosses. A lovely guy I have so much respect for and he's definitely a favourite amongst others. Unfortunately (of course everyone has their downfall) he's a big fan of the St Kilda Football Club. Although I think in this case . . . fan could definitely be short for FANATIC!

So one weekend, I sat down with an idea in my head to make him laugh, something which is what I try and do to people all the time.

26 hours later I had my masterpiece. My first attempt but crikey! 26 hours ?!? I've always read those entrepreneur and self- help books which ALWAYS seem to state that '1000 hours makes you an expert' when learning a new skill . . . so . . . that's 974 more hours to go!

And a few weeks after posting this new artwork of mine on a noticeboard he uses to post weekly in-season St Kilda updates and articles, a lovely workmate pried some feedback from him:

"I thought it was funny and laughed. Someone's taking the mickey out of me. I'll have the last laugh when they win the grand final".

The St Kilda Football Club Prank for one of the bosses

Of course, I had to Google St Kilda's premiership history and holy moly… this shit gets worse!

They've only won the ONE premiership and that was back in 1966 (funnily enough, one number short of the devil?) and they won it by ONE point!

And that's it.


That is IT !?!

One Premiership won by ONE point!

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