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The Lawyer Rhyme

Image of a judge sitting on the bench about to make a decision with his gavel in hand as he listens to The Lawyer Rhyme by Perth Girl Delphine Jamet
A judge with his gavel in hand

All rise, this court is now in order,

But no doubt, there's going to be some disorder,

You see, by the time you get to the bar,

Which in this case, is quite bizarre.

You spent too many years at uni,

And living on the poverty line makes you loony,

You gotta be committed to be admitted,

or else you'll be acquitted or have to be recommitted.

The hours are long which is so wrong,

But you want to be strong to belong,

Even when you rep the guilty man,

It's the plan to be the businessman,

Cos if it's not Legal Aid,

Then it's gotta be paid or you'll be played.

Like everything, it's all about cash and the flash,

If you don't want to crash or make a wrong dash,

It's a plea that comes from your degree,

I guarantee you'll agree.

But the only exception in this conception,

If your perception is in reception,

Is in the excuse of law,

So withdraw what you saw,

The loophole you can't control,

That takes your soul as the goal.

Just focus on bail and forget the detail,

Or it'll be a tale for jail,

So all rise for some exercise,

We're adjourned for all those concerned.

Court room adjourned magistrate judge finished for the day decision made recommitted admitted law practice barrister practice old authority
All rise, this court is adjourned!

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