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White Ribbon Morning Tea Poster

One afternoon at approximately 5.30 pm, I got off the bus from a loooong day at work and received a text message from my boss requesting me to make a White Ribbon Morning Tea Fundraiser poster.

It was due the next day!

As much as I love my boss... crikey!... there goes my sleep. Sure it's a favour for her but I really need to work on cutting down my '1000 hours' and during those 1000 hours, the more free jobs you do for people, the more you can add to your portfolio and get your name out.

So goodbye sleep but thankfully I managed to get this poster finished at 2.17 am and still get up at 6.00 am!

(In the end, it was deemed too violent and the boss had asked two other people to make a poster! C'est la vie !!!)

White Ribbon Day Australia Morning Tea Fundraiser poster - 2017 Delphine Jamet domestic violence against women and children gendered commitment
The White Ribbon Day Morning Tea Fundraiser poster © 2017 Delphine Jamet

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