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Why They Want You To FAIL… (and How To Live The Life You Want!)

Deathbed scene where all your regrets, dreams, goals and expectancies remain unfulfilled when you had your chance to live life to the full but didn't!
The deathbed scene where you think about all your regrets. If only...

The deathbed scene is a common visual experience for those reading self-help, motivation and goal setting books and training courses. But it obviously assists with the emotional regrets one has upon their last breaths or upon a visualisation experience. It serves as a wake-up call and a refreshing boost of motivation to redefine one’s life and find the embedded life plan that is built inside of us all, something many of us fail to uncover and develop.

When we jump into a car, we usually know where we are headed. Yet when we live day to day, we tend to live aimlessly, pay check to pay check, drifting like a melting iceberg that resembles the time we have left on earth.

It begs the question... WHY? We are the only specie to limit our growth, rarely reaching our potential and living a life of regrets.

Sadly it has been said that only 3% of the global population set goals, our road map to a better destination. WHY?

Without smart goals, life gets blind and boring, you become unmotivated and uninspired to make positive change which leads to anxiety and depression
Without smart goals, life gets boring. You feel uninspired and stuck

It's also been said that when setting goals, you should declare it to the world so that your friends, family and Facebook followers can hold you accountable. But the tall poppy syndrome is a common experience. People laugh at you, tell you why you can’t and cut you down to their dull realistic level of living.

So why tell anyone? The believers can hold you accountable but perhaps only on a selective basis. Your life is yours to do as you wish, to achieve the glory your dreams invite you to achieve.

Don't let your dreams just be dreams, make it a reality, be exceptional, take action, make each day count, change your life
Take action and make your life exceptional!

Your loved ones might try to protect you from harm and shattered hopes but it may not always be in their best interest to stop you from exploring your full potential. They may have their regrets and try to live their life through you.

So what should you do?

1. Live in a degree of stealth mode: limit public insights into your life and create a façade. This may feel wrong but it’s for your own mental and emotional protection. When you give birth to your dreams and goals, the people around you will be more than happy to share the fruit of your success!

2. Plan, plan, plan your goals, passionately everyday, otherwise you’ll never get, anywhere in life. (sing to the tune of Row Row Your Boat!)

3. Join – which holds you accountable to your commitment contract or have your donate a sum to charity if you fail to reach your goal on time.

4. Join an entrepreneurship and marketing training company who provide support, coaching, training, forums, webinars events and valuable like-minded peer networks to help you achieve whatever you dreams and goals are!

5. Once you've listed the goals your heart truly feels you ought to achieve, break it down into steps to help measure your progress. It'll help you feel that every activity you do towards your goal, does not feel overwhelming, as if you’re running a marathon with no end in sight.

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