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Point Peron K Battery
L Section

Ammunition Bunker No.2

Located approximately 14m north-east of Gun Emplacement No.2 is the associated Ammunition Bunker No.2. To find it takes a short walk through the bush and through sand dunes that feel rather deep at times.

The outwards appearance feels rather the same as the Operations Bunker. A small pathway down with parallel walls of bricks on either side takes you through a metal gate. Once inside, there are two rooms to the left, both in which are filled with copious amounts of sand which has been attributed to the heavy winds of the area. Interestingly, a number of heritage documents describe the entry passages as tunnels, which tends to be a symbolic mystery of almost all associated world war two infrastructure and of course, almost always undocumented alike!

The external walls, like the roof, consist of reinforced concrete slabs. Very little ventilation permits any type of fresh air in entering the rooms and heavy dust threatens to coat your tongue with particles thicker than sand paper, choking your airways like a vacuum. With every step you take int the small hills of sand, creates a thicker smoke of dust that blurs your vision, particularly with fast movements.

The walls appear to be blackened with smoke, caveman style,albeit smoking yourself out without any need for a heat source when the thick warmth of the room will reduce your hydration levels faster than a run that's supposed to be fun!


A skinny bricked-wall passage follows the eastern and southern sides to a dead end, in an effort to shield any threat of nearby explosions by withstanding enormous pressure. Particularly with the bunker mostly built below ground level, or perhaps entirely when considering the state of the sand erosion today, the reinforced concrete and steel blast doors protected the inhabitants.

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