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02 - Point Peron K Battery - Mess Hall & Barrack Ruins.jpg

Point Peron K Battery

Mess Hall & Ablutions

The location of the Mess Hall close to the waters of Mangles Bay on the north side of Cape Peron, was also the location of the latrines (communal toilet), showers & ablutions as well as the Guard Room.

The Guard Room was 30' x 18' with three rooms and consisted of a timber frame, pitch roof (CAC), T&G flooring, ceiling and s/kraft partition and the walls were HWWH.

CAC - Ceiling Attenuation Class is a "measure of rating the efficiency of a ceiling system as a barrier to airborne sound transmission" between adjacent closed spaces that "share a common air plenum."

S/Kraft - Softwall Kraft walls are a freestanding partition that divides a room.

T&G - Tongue and groove flooring is an "installation method of a particular type of flooring."

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