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Point Peron K Battery


Not only is the documenting of historic sites in Perth, let alone the entirety of Western Australia, rather limiting at times to the point of disappointing but trying to find information on historic brands, products, companies and people is rather.... pathetic?

​Take bottles for an example. Sure there’s a few websites dotting the online landscape, devoted to preserving history and its associated artefacts but when considering the amount of bottle collectors and treasure hunters presenting themselves on social media, particularly in Facebook pages and groups, it's surprising there's not a lot more active documenting of these past relics.

Perhaps the limitations of no centralised website or online database with community contribution is partly to blame, although Collections WA (an initiative of the Western Australia Museum) could potentially expand themselves to incorporate accessibility via some sort of open-source model. Notwithstanding the credibility of information as well as its accuracy, which would obviously require regulating but without more of a proactive approach to documenting history, it will sadly remain limited and nothing more.


Time is of the essence!

ALL items have been given to a Museum